Species Guide

I have taken some different pictures and I decided to change the guide, with help from Micah Gates.

I have separated the fish into proper family names. Here you can inspect them for yourself, and make decision on whether they are suitable for your aquarium or not. For each picture there is a small table of information: size at adulthood, where they originated from, ease of keeping, which food they like, are they friendly or aggressive and water temperature.

Cyprinids? Characins? These names just separate the fish into a more organised way. Each page I have made gives a small description of each family.

If you want to borrow some of the pictures, please ask me first.

Indepth articles -

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Jaguar Cichlid
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Tiger Barbs - caring for and breeding them in captivity
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The Red Top Zebra
Keeping & Breeding of the Egyptian Mouthbreeder
Lamprologus Leleupi
Labidochromis Caeruleus
Discus - Care and Breeding Basic Fact Sheet
Tanganyikan set-up


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