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When I first became a fish keeper and started off my aquarium, I was shocked. Quite literally, stunned by the amount of information, maintenance and perseverance needed to start off a successful freshwater tank (Tropical marine fish? - nice species, but very costly and double trouble). It is hard. It is harder when all the fish bloody die, but honestly it is worth it, and I well tell you why. When I started off, I was given the tank as present. Tropical fish? yeah they're something different, goldfish are boring I'm going for something exotic. Tropical fish that'll be a laugh. Fill in the tank, make it look good and chuck 'em in, they'll swim around and hey - presto! Easy, no problem. Oh no. I don't think so. Anyone who has a tank is chuckling, and rightly so. Its not that easy, my friends. Why? Here's a few examples:

Water: You don't want to chuck in raw tap water in, especially when starting an aquarium. Tap water is fine for me and you, but tropical fish and chlorine, chloramine don't mix very well. Also you can't just chuck the fish in all at once, ammonia levels may rocket and - dead fish swimming. Got the right species? 

Are the fish healthy? The diseases are, let me say, exotic and must be seen quickly and cured, with medical help.

These are just a few basic examples, and it is hard. But these are just warnings. If you follow my guide, there's no reason why anyone should not have a healthy, relaxing, beautiful looking indoor aquarium.

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